Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I don't know about you, but at this age I tend to be very sensitive and outrageously emotional over small things.

Now I realized why bosses behave the way they did when I was a young officer.

At home I am so easily riled by my wife's small commentaries. Yes, those words about how she has to do everything in the house and about no one giving her a hand. I do offer her help sometimes, but as usual with most men, being overly tired is the most used excuse

She is very very particular about the house being spic and span and will not stop sweeping, mopping and rearranging the house. She always insists that drinking mugs be immediately washed after use, much to our displeasure.

"We'll wash it later." That was our answer.

No, she will not take that for an answer. She wants them in the sink and washed there and then!

The same thing goes to our attire, be it working outfit, school uniforms or even casual wear. She will not have us wear even slightly wrinkled t-shirt!

She is always smartly dressed lady, just ask our neighbours. She puts on her baju kurung even when she goes out to dry out her daily washings!

Well, that's my wife and their mom!

On weekends I would like very much to have my hair dry and not greasy with Brylcream...but she will not have me looking as if I have just woke up from sleep!

At times our feelings are hurt by our actions. She can suddenly has her mood swung into another direction, less desirable direction.

Initially I feel hurt too, but later I realized that I just have to be patient with her. She is tired, dead tired after carrying out her daily chores day in and day out for more than a quarter century now.

We can stop talking to each other for a day or two (never more than three days though!). This morning I took her to the hospital after a silent night between us. I missed my seminar just to be with her.

She was ok. Her blood sugar was a wee bit high but was under control. We exchanged good-bye kisses as I left her for my office.

I still remember my former DG, Dr Ahmad Mustaffa Babjee's wise words: "You two can have small fights...it will be so sweet after such fights!"


Martin Lee said...

It is not easy for two persons of totally different background to live together especially after an age old marriage. Young passion and love blinded us all and our "visibility" improves as we grow older each day!

Sometimes we just wanted to feel at home to do what we want to do! Putting our legs on the table or with clothes strewn all over the place. That is what we called feeling at home, right?

Women are very particular about such untidiness! Tolerance in general is possible but long time in a tolerating pent-up position will lead to explosion. Occasionally either we or the wives blow up, it is just common, depending on who is on the wrong side of the mood!

azahar said...

You put in nicely Lee, but is it not that is what marriage is all about?

Give and take...but I wonder how much more take can we take? Ha ha ha