Tuesday, May 18, 2010


16 May is always remembered by many as the Teachers' day. I attended the Selera Pahang Dinner organized by the State Pahang in conjunction with the 2010 National Teachers' Day celebration held in Dewan Jubilee Perak, Kuantan.

It was indeed a huge dinner. The entire hall was packed with teachers and guests.

In conjunction with this year's teachers' day celebration I would like to dedicate this to one very outstanding teacher, the greatest teacher of them all (at least to the magnificient nine) - Chikgu Yong.

When the nine of us were selected to represent SK Pusat Kemaman in the special examination to select students for fully residential schools (SBP), he went all out giving us extra classes to see us through the exam.

Still fresh in my mind how he kept on changing our tuition centres just to make sure that nothing disturbed our focus and attention.

First it was in his house, then his children were too much of a distraction, He then moved our tuition place to scout's room.

Out of his dedication and zealousness all the nine of us were selected to SBP and the rest is history.

This morning, like many other mornings, once again I met him at Kemaman Hospital. He was walking ever so slowly, almost staggering at times, to a seat next to me outside the outpatient department.

It was still very early and the hospital's door was not yet opened.

What amazed me was his excellent eyesight. He knew me from twenty metres away!

While seating in the waiting area he saw his nephew (his late wife's niece). She was a Chinese lady. I was of course flabbergasted by his introduction.

As usual, I started to probe into his personal life. He then told me that his late wife was a Chinese adpoted by a Malay family. So, that Chinese lady was in fact the daughter of his wife's sister.

He also told me that his mother was also an adopted Chinese. Back then (according to him) Chinese will only give away their daughters to be adopted and Malays would only adopt Chinese girls.

His niece's husband told me that they were still very close because of their blood ties.

Chikgu Yong also concluded that that was the best way for the ethnic groups in Malaysia to live together, much better than the now-hailed 1 Malaysia concept.

So, Chikgu Yong, we all would like to say: TO SIR WITH LOVE and may you continue to be in good health.


Martin Lee said...

Not by adoption perhaps by intermarriage! Problem is one needs to be converted and that is a big obstacle. Conversion should be by free will otherwise only by name sake is converted serves no purpose!

azahar said...

I do not like the word 'converted'...it should be of one's own will, after real understanding of Islam and of course with Allah's hidayah for no matter how much one understands Islam, without hidayah one will never become Muslim...