Thursday, May 13, 2010


Time really flies as the countdown to my retirement begins. I do not have that much time anymore. There are still places I have to visit before I call it a day.

Top of the list is of course my laboratory, the place where I spent 6 long years, perfecting my histopathology skills.

The laboratory, now called The Northern Veterinary Laboratory, is the brainchild of my staffs and me. Together we disccussed and thought it over and finally came up with the design.

As if fulfilling my wish, there was a 1 Malaysia seminar in Kuala Terengganu on 6 May. After the seminar I dropped by DVS Terengganu office to meet a few friends.

Then straight to Penang via the East-West highway. I reached Bukit Mertajam at 10.00 pm and after a simple dinner checked-in into Summit Hotel.

The laboratory was indeed something worth remembering. From afar it looked grand, but the colour and the landscape needed change and upkeeping. It should have been painted with a vibrant colour instead of the dull unconvincing colour. The landscape was bare and the grass should have been cow-grass instead of non-descript species admixed with Mimosa gigantica.

A quick briefing by Dr Marzuki explained it all. No matter what, the top management should look into this matter seriously for the sake of the image of the department.

I then spent more than three hours walking-about the entire lab. There were still vacant posts unfilled.

Most of what I had planned were there, except the negative pressure rooms, the PM gallery, the animal house and the staff quarters. The so-called air-conditioned corridor was there too.

At last they have carried out PCR! They have bought a brand new RM200,000 ++ Real-time PCR!

Despite of the not-so-good finishing, at leats they built the coving and in some rooms the elbow-operated pipes!

The staffs looked cheerful working in their new lab. Muniandy seemed very happy. So too were others.

The lab has a new name - The Northern Veterinary lab. I wonder whether this is appropriate.

The PM room was not as I had wanted. the PM tables were too low for comfort. But the gas machine was great and so too was the incinerator.

The old lab buildings were still there, overgrown with bushes. They had not been demolished for lack of fund, so I was told.

Overall, I was happy that finally the lab that we all designed was completed. All that is needed now is the right people to man it, to bring it to the standard it was first thought of.

After the tour I visited Taman Pauh. Mak Cik Putih's house was locked. The jejawi tree that I was forced to leave was still there, in front of mr old house and so was the stall selling a variety of lauk. The new masjid was huge.

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