Monday, June 14, 2010

All I wanted was peace and quiet on my last two days in office. No more very serious meetings and appointments, I told my PA.

Idris was the first to break my quiet morning. He told me that our old Hilux in Lepar had been stolen yesterday's afternoon. The car rustlers cut off the chain locking the front gate and got away with the old but usable Hilux.

According to the police it was the work of a syndicate. That day three similar Hilux were stolen. In one case they lifted the entire gate to get the car.

Then a lady called. She was complaining of our man giving the wrong medicine to his tom-cat. It was given an injection of medroxyprogesterone, a medicine normally given to queens to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

She was bent on making an official complain about my man's wrong-doing. I told her to come down and promised her that I would investigate and called her back.

I went down to the clinics to get the entire story of what had happened.
My man told me that male cats were also given the drug to prevent male cats spraying and over agressiveness.

I took back the brochure and googled for more info about the drug. Yes, my man was right. The drug was indeed rightfully given.

I called her back immediately and she too realized that she was wrong. I told her it was all right and my man was an experienced officer having treated many many tom cats before.

I was glad that the miscommunication was corrected, before it became another issue in the printed media.

At 1.00 I went to Annex to have a special farewell lunch organized by my men at PPV Daerah Kuantan. The asam pedas tenggiri was so fresh and delicious that I finished an entire slice on my one. The grilled tenggiri stake was not bad either.


Wan Sharif said...

I supposed that was peaceful enough no one came to bang your desk or make a nasty phone call..OOps that lady with the tom-cat she was not too rough eh..why did you ask her to come down.. do you mean calm down.. just pulling your legs..he..he

azahar said...

Today is worst. I was all set to go to office when suddenly my wife noticed blood stain on the sofa.

I put my hands on the you-know-where and oh yes it was dripping wet!

I did it again. My hemorrhoid was hemorrhaging.

I quickly went up to my room upstairs, undonning (is there such a word?) my trousers and washed the spot. It was bloody.

Had to put on again you-know-what in my underwear so that it would not show later..ha ha

Because of all the ruckus, I forgot to bring my hp and room key with me to the office.

Martin Lee said...

I had that haemorrhoid too but went for a removal or banding. At the same time, colonscopy was carried out to be sure nothing is inside the colon or intestine.

There were 2 small polyps removed. I learned about polyps when George Bush went for the removal and checking and it came out in the news!

Anonymous said...

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azahar said...

Martin Lee,

I have gone for banding once when I was in Ipoh. The pain was just unbearable that I stopped going to the hospital. I was supposed to continue banding, two at a time for three to four banding exercices.

Sigmoid colonoscopy has also been done. Clear.

Earlier than that I also went to a Chinese medicine woman in Sg Siput. She applied a reddish powder mixed with oil and using goose's feather. The pain was unbearable too and the amount of fluid coming out of the piles were just unimaginable!

I think I will go for the modern version, where they use a 'stapling' gadget to cut them off once of these days.

Martin Lee said...

If you have tried the modern version, if it is good then let me know too!

Piles are common and during the banding I had to sleep legs up on the bed! Not an excruciating pain but it gave you the feeling you have to go to toilet and that was irritating!

Anonymous said...


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