Monday, June 7, 2010


For quite sometimes now I cannot find freshly caught fish in the market, be it in Chukai or Binjai fish markets.

All there are being sold are the so-called boxed-in fishes imported from across the border.

These fish normally will look reasonably ok at the market but will immediately turned mush once they reach home!

The only reasonably fresh fish varieties found in both markets are the selar kuning (yellow striped trevally), bonito (aya kurik) and may be kembung (Indian mackerel) and also selayang (sardines).

Where have all the fish gone? Well as far as I know, many of the deep-sea fishing fleets have stopped operating because of lack of fish.

How far is this true I hope the Fisheries department will give the answer. But I know for a fact that a fish tycoon whom I know personally told me that he has stopped operation because catch is normally well below the economic level.

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Martin Lee said...

We had over-fished our Malaysian waters? It is scary to think that Malaysia is running out of oil and even fishes, my goodness!