Friday, June 11, 2010


As of today I have got just another two working days, that is next Monday and Tuesday, before I take a long leave prior to my official retirement date 22 July 2010.

There is a mixed feeling inside me now. Excited thinking now I will have all the time in the world to do what I like and more importantly, I hope it will be less stressful.

Feeling guilty as I have to leave JPV Pahang in the midst of big things - the 2011 & 2012 rolling plan, the 2010 budget and the 10th Malaysian Plan. Pity Dr Rohaya and his staffs to shoulder these challenging jobs.

But, like most things, everything has a start and an end. So is my career in JPV. It began on 16 Mei 1981 and ends on 22 July or perhaps earlier on 16 June.

Soon a new career will begin. A change may be what I need right now. Please pray for me that the change will bring happiness and prsoperity in my future life.

Dato' Dr Ibrahim called inviting me to join them, may be meet with friends for the last time in Sarawak. At least he has the decency to ask me to meet with friends before I go.

I politely decline his offer. I have another important family committment that I have made earlier.

The DG, he just texted me wishing me all the best in my future endeavour, just like that.

What do I expect? A glittering farewell party and a rolex watch? No, I never wish for all these. I just wish that somebody up there realise that in three days time I will be leaving the department. In three days time DVS will lose another of its long-serving staff.

It is true what my friends told me earlier. Who will care if you leave or die? Who are you to the department? Instead, somebody will gain from your departure - good riddance.

Well, I will pack my things and go quietly. Let someone else take over. Let someone feel how difficulty it is to take charge of a state as big as Pahang with an inadequate organizational structure.

To my fellow staffs of JPV Pahang I will forever indebted to all of you for all the help and cooperation given to me while I sit on the chair. You are always there to give helping hands whenever I need it.

For the red-carpet and jubilant farewell get-together dinner, we are forever greatful. I will never forget you all. Please feel free to call or drop by at our Teratak Syakirin for a glass of pink guava juice or lunch or dinner.

I promise I will not stay too far away from the animal industry and the department. I will not hesitate to come and give something if my service is required.

I will not fade away and disappear for a long long time to come. I will be there, somewhere reachable, accessible.


Wan Sharif said...

I remembered what Mulyono Tukiman said +-. When I was in Kl.. all KL people came.. the same goes for JB.. when I came back to Selangor.. I expect some KL people would come for my kenduri.. none came only Selangor..
So grieve not!
Only those life whom you touched will remember you by..
Touched by your kindness, your humanity, humility etc..
Those yang bermuka muka will only be too glad to see your back.. they have new boss to bermuka muka now..

HS said...

Dato', best wishes for your new undertakings.

We are thankful to have the pleasure of meeting you and we appreciate your genuine desire to help small farmers.

It was also a pleasure to have met someone of your seniority who appreciates natural farming and small innovative farms, and not just 'big' projects that uses a lot of machines and capital.

It has always been our belief that national food security comes from 100,000 small innovative and productive farms, and not just a handful of big boys.

Best wishes and good luck

HS Wong

Bagman and Butler said...

I am almost exactly one year behind you! I too am looking forward to the new career of retirement. I'm excited for you!

Anonymous said...


Private Investigator in Santa Monica said...

Well, I suggest you to give time to your hobbies in these days or in other words you could start your new carrier according to your hobbies.

Anonymous said...


Dulu ada Dato' kata akan berkhidmat diUDM. Bila aaknya Dato' kesana? Kalau boleh hendak buat satu farewell lah. Dah banyak buat jasa bada kami
Anak buah

Martin Lee said...

I would rather say congratulation to you that you had fully served the country and your duty is finally over and discharged. It is now entirely your own time and you could do things you like to do and do them at your own pace!

azahar said...

Wan Shariff,

That's what life as a Penjawat Awam is all about...

I'm not grieving...just uttering words from the mouth of an old man...

azahar said...

HS Wong,

I know. It is the small farmers that contribute much to our food production.

Thank you for you good wish. I will always remember farmers like you.

azahar said...


I will start my work in UDM early July. Need to take a break before that.

Jasa apa sangatlah yg telah saya buat. I was just doing my work and responsibility...

azahar said...

Martin Lee,

Now may be we can meet somewhere over a cup of coffee and discuss things...after 15 June that is ha ha

Martin Lee said...

Yes sir,

As far as distance is concerned I am nearest to your home!

Will find a day when you settle yourself down then we have coffee in Hai Ping!

You need to adjust to retirement maybe at least for a week to a month!

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Thank you for your great job.