Wednesday, June 9, 2010


WWF today asks Malaysians, I in particular, who relish seafood to be selective in what kind of fish we have for our meals.

Do not go for those in endangered list. Go for the more abundant ones instead.

From the list I saw Kerisi (bream), pomfret both the black and white varieties (I am not worried about these fish as they are far too expensive for us), sotong katak (cuttlefish), etc

Instead it asks us to change to Mullets (belanak), Mackerel (both Indian and Spanish), tuna, kerapu (grouper),lala, etc

I hope WWF will publicise the list of fishes and other seafood that Malaysian should refrain from eating,

But this has one major drawback. The more you want people to stop eating it, the more people will try to gat their hands and mouths on to that fish.

The more restricted the fish is the more expensive they will be. The more expensive the fish is the more it will be hunted. It is just a sort of vicious cycle.

Supply will stop once the demand is not there. Wasteful use of dragnets should be totally prohibited.

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Wan Sharif said...

For quite a while now, my attempt to do 4 hrs of fishing near Pulau Tenggol results in me and my gang going back empty handed.. The tekong or boat owner said.. it is really difficult now to get them fish thru fishing.. the more successful one are using the high /powerful beam/light to attract the fish and use net to get them.
Last few years this happen to me and my gang offshore in vicinity of Muara sungai Marang.
Sungai belum of Hutan Belum.. the one open for public.. fishing will be to experience frustration only . In the Royal Belum , the protected area, with the advent of technology.. another heartache angling experience.
We, human has ravaged the bountiful earth to fulfill our greeds.

Anyone cares..