Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Not so very long ago most shops, eateries or other wise, were closed by the latest 8.00 pm in the sleepy town called Chukai.

People just did not go out to eat at night. My father, a native of Negeri Sembilan, was surprised to see satay served as breakfast item when he first arrived in Chukai.

They could not sell satay at night as all food joints were close at night!

There was no night town bus service or even taxi operating beyond six then and people did not have cars or even motorcycle then. As far as I could remember there were only two privately owned cars - one owned by Syed Noh and the other one a Morris Minor on which I used once or twice hitched a ride to town in Chukai back in the early sixties.

Now things are very different in Chukai. The town is bustling with night activities. Night markets are everywhere and the latest craze is the kopitiam.

These kopitiams are mushrooming. People, young and old flock to these kopitiams to eat out with family and friends. Some are equipped with wireless internet facilities and so sights of teenagers hooked on their laptops are nothing new.

Chukai people are eating out more at night these days!


RoyalTLady said...

ASALKAN halal okay lah. But don't forget to check on it's HALAL status...

my alma mater too.

Martin Lee said...

Cukai has prospered over the years, very much owes its increasing noctural activities to the oil and gas industry and also the local Cukai people is getting more affluent. They either will go Kuantan or stick around in Kopitiam.

Once the new highway opens up, certain outstation Kopitiam customers will bypass Cukai town just like what they had bypassed Sri Jaya. Maybe it is not really a bad thing now to have traffic jam at the bridge of Bukit Kuang area if viewed just from commercial perspective for Cukai.

Wan Sharif said...

Hah only two privately owned cars in the early 60's.. Those were the days .. you have to take ferries to move some 100km away from Cukai..

I do not know whether improved night activities means we are more sophisticated or modern.

Looking at the rate of abandon new born homo-sapien.. it was like the time before Prophet Muhammad..

azahar said...


Serving halal food and having a halal JAKIM certificate are two different things...

Many hotels in Malaysia do not have the halal certificate. Why? It is not mandatory for them to have one.

The irony is that it is all right for them not to have one, but it is wrong to declare that they serve halal food without the certificate!

And to get the certificate is long-winded...just ask any joint that has one.

azahar said...

Wan Sharif,

That Morris Minor has the arm-like left and right signal!

The newborn baby disposing habit is worrysome man. We have to do something about it and fast!