Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It is sad to see how relationship between a brother and his siblings gone sour. It is sadder though how a brother declared that the blood-relationship was over between them just because of a misunderstanding or was it because he was influenced too much by his wife.

How can a brother, who had declared that his siblings had forgotten about his good deeds when they were still children, reminded his children not to tell his siblings when he passes away?

How arrogant can a man be? No man is an island. No man can survive and lives on his own, no matter how much money and power he has.

He is neither rich nor powerful, but frail just to say the least. Has he ever thought who will take care of him if he ever fell seriously sick? I will not be surprised if the brother whom he hated most will be the one.

Has he forgotten how he had looked after his mother and father when they were sick? It is not exaggerating to say here that he was and still is one very good man despite of his not-so-glorious past.

It all began when his daughter decided to marry her chosen one despite of his disagreement. Seeing that they were really serious to get married and there was nothing wrong with the man she had chosen, we all gave our full support to the relationship.

One of us went to see him in person to discuss about the marriage. In the meeting he openly declared that he would never agree with the marriage. He said that for his daughter's sake, he agreed that his father and his brother to be the witness to the marriage.

So the marriage was arranged with the Kadi's office. Then he went against his words. He swore that the blood-tie would be severed with all those responsible for the marriage!

He was a very hard man. I have never seen a harder man. Till now he never accept the man his daughter had chosen as one of his family members! He never even cuddled his own grandson, so I was told.

They say there is a good wife that behind a succesful man. In his case the wife does not contribute to his success but she was more of a fire, flaming an already hot situation into a flaming one.

He never likes his youngest brother. I know his youngest brother had made mistakes in his life before, but people do change. With our encouragement his kid brother does change and now is happily married.

His hatred for his kid brother never ceased. I told his kid brother not to bother. Do your best and continue living.

Once he and his family charged in my house minutes after my wife asked his wife not to spread old stories about his kid brother to his future in-laws.

That dusk there they were coming in without even a salam and instead, yelling and shouting trying to straighten wet string (as our proverb says it).

Syazwan, as quiet as he could be throughout the commotion, as gentleman as he could possibly be, said: "I don't mean to be rude, but coming in other people's house without even a salam and yelling and shouting at maghrib prayers time is not good. Why not come in and we discuss things over."

His message was crystal clear. Diyana's cheeky remarks were just like rubbing salt to the already gaping wound.

They just left after saying their anger. Bt just before they left, again they uttered the same words: "It is over between us."

Being a very good spin doctors, the story was turned up-side down. Our children were accused of being rude and we did not even invite them in!

Whose children are rude really? Whose children openly referred their aunts as crazy people? Remember, you all often forgot what you have said and done, but we remember them as clear as crystal.

Enough is enough. Let it be. I do hope and pray that one day they will open up, look into themselves for a change instead of just looking into other people and think that they are the only ones right and everybody else is wrong.

Just remember that your kid brother is now a part of our family. You hurt him you also hurt us. I don't want anybody, I mean anybody, to hurt his feelings, let alone hurt him physically. I want him to be happy with his life after all that he has been through.


長卉長卉 said...

A good medicine tastes bitter. ..................................................

Wan Sharif said...

ini adalah kaitan silaturrahmi..
jangan kita putuskan.. biarlah sebelah pihak sana yang mengadakan keburukan.. kita adakan kebaikan.. doakan siang dan malam agar Allah berikan taufik dan hidayah.. agak silaturrahmi akan kembali bertaut.
Ini adalah satu dugaan berat.. tak berjaya.. merbahaya.. selamat berusaha

azahar said...

I always pray that Allah give them hidayah so that they realize the true value of brotherhood....

I always hope that one day they wake up and realize their mistakes and try to amend them for eveybody's good...

I never want to continue this family feud, but till now find no avenue to correct it...