Friday, June 4, 2010


Like Colonel Matrix (if I was not mistaken that was his name) said to a stewardess : "Don't disturb my friend, he is dead tired!" after he snapped 'his friend's' neck killing him instantly.

That was a scene well remembered by many, including my children and I, where Arnold Schwazenegger (am I right about the spelling?) was a hard core Commando.

I am feeling 'dead tired' too after the hectic last few days in office.

I don't know why, but I just feel that I still have to do many things in such a short time I have left. I still have two districts that I have not visited, Raub and Temerloh. Well, CH is out of consideration for now too.

Yesterday I spent the entire day visiting Bentong. Arriving home well after 8.00 pm I continued my house chore with the cutting of a goat carcass. Ill-equipped, I nicked my fingers using just a golok bong to cut up the bones, joints and meat!

Imagine, I have not taken a single day leave in 2010. I have done so just to have enough leave for my long pre-retirement leave starting 16 June.

There is one more big job that needs to be finished before I call it a day. That was the 2011 budget. The deadline is 9 June. I give that responsibility to Dr Rohaya and her gang and my EO to get it done.

Work is work, but at this stage of my service work has to be given to someone elses. I just feel that I need some time to pack up things and take a breather before that much-awaited 16 June!

As of today I have just got another 7 working days!

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Anonymous said...

take a rest and be prepared for a
longer journey.