Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I used to have a fantastic memory power as far as numbers is concerned. I can even remember my birth certificate number!

But with the advent of mobile phones and the contact number database, memorizing hp numbers becomes redundant, unproductive.

I become very dependent on the hp for all the numbers.

When suddenly my hp went caput recently, my life went haywire. I could not contact anybody, not even my wife or my children. I did not remember their hp numbers!

I was then in a seminar in Shah Alam. I had to go to a suddenly-organized meeting in Ministry of Agriculture. It was outright embarassing when Dr Idris asked me to call my office to see whether there was a letter for me about the meeting.

I could not contact my PA as I did not know her number, the office number or any number for that matter!

This resulted in me not going to the meeting.

Then how was I to contact my driver? There was no way except to do the traditional way - that was to walk up and down the conference area and look for Hasnan.

After more than an hour, finally I met him and off I ran away from the workshop and headed straight home.

Those two days were just plain hell. I could not contact anybody. I just had to wait for somebody to call and ask the caller who he/she was!


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I have 2 phones especially one that has a SIM card that never expires and pre-paid! So store only the important handphone numbers to this spare phone