Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yesterday marked my first month as a lecturer and a weekend-and-public-holiday- husband-and-father.

Diyana was in Kuching having great time with a friend whom she had never talked before even though they were together in law school over in IIUM.

Syazwan felt bad when his brand new Proton Saga SE was scratched by someone in the faculty's car park.

Syafiq was still head over heel in love with his scrambler. He spent hours at a time cleaning, polishing and beautifying his motorbike.

Amalia, our youngest, was a little bit green when she saw Diyana's all white bedroom set was brought up her into her sister's room. She was very pleased with how her room looked like, you know the new lilac paint and the purple curtains and not to mention her English cotton baju kurung and 'scaly' scarf.

Our Teratak Syakirin too was ever ready to celebrate the coming Aidilfitri. Her hall had been painted with apple green coat of paint and so too was the curtains. Instead of the brightly coloured material used in the previous years, this year the curtain was gray, perfectly matching with the new paint/

Upstairs, all the rooms had been painted and their ceiling replaced with plaster ceiling. Gone then the problem of guano falling down from the ceiling.

I was all alone in the house, reciting the holy Quran. Now I was at the At-Taubah surah. I have just finished once and now it is my second round. I hope that I can finish reciting the entire Quran for the second time before Ramadhan pulls down her curtain.

Have I done the right thing, taking up the new post after my retirement? Well, to tell you the truth, I am far more relaxed and perhaps happier now with very much less stress and strain.

Bye bye DVS and welcome UNISZA!

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