Thursday, September 30, 2010


You know what? Today I've just been called a stalker. By whom? It was my daughter. She said, in her facebook that was, "Stop stalking me dad, others will be afraid to give comments when they see your name."

Is it true? Am I a stalker?

I thought that is the real reason facebook was invented in the first place - to freely interact with your friends (what more with your own children!).

With all the free time that I have, I just can't help but peek into facebook!

Any comment from avid facebook participants?


Martin Lee said...

Yes, I have facebook but my children would not want to add me. And we might also would not want to add some others.

I guess we need that little bit of privacy left even though facebook is supposed to be meant for the public!

azahar said...

Of course they add me. Despite of their (her) complain They will not ban me either. Most of the times she needs my comments whereas in some cases it is better for her that I don't make any comment.

Wan Sharif said...

I have two children who add me on FB.. I do not comment in their FBs.. I phone or SMS them if I want to say something related to their FBs.. that way I believe their friends would feel at ease to discuss their things.. and the children would not be teased by their friends..