Monday, September 20, 2010


I am always pissed of whenever I see non-biodegradable things strewn all over the place.

Yes things like used polystyrene packages, plastic bags, plastic bottles, etc etc

I am not that angry if I saw degradable materials being thrown away in inappropriate places, I just close one eye most often though deep inside, I am still annoyed at the irresponsible acts of some of us.

Imagine you were following behind a luxury car and suddenly the occupants threw a plastic bag full of rambutan skin onto the roadside. I will normally pressed hard on my car horn, just reminding him that I care for my environment.

So many times have I brought this matter up. How we must act to stop polluting and degrading our environment by our silly way.

Now there is this thing called no-plastic-bag campaign. Well, I know that this is a tall order for the public.

They have been so used to the idea of putting in whatever they purcahse from the shop into plastic bags to carry home. What better alternative do they have?

Long gone were the days when shoppers, especially those going to wet markets, brought their own shopping bag to the market.

So, the first alternative here is to reuse the loyal shopping bags.

The second thing is the wider use of paper bags - you know the ones they often use in the West.

Make using paper bags something trendy and in fashion, thus people will start scrounging looking for brown paper bags to carry their things home.

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