Monday, September 20, 2010


Last night I went to sleep very early. I guessed the long Eid vacation had exhausted me through and through.

However, a call from Prof. Bidin Yatim from perlis rudely but on the other hand thankfully awakened me from sleep.

"Sorry for disturbing your sleep.." He understood that I was already asleep.

"It's ok...anything?"

"Just to tell you that the YB has no son with the name you gave me."

That was it. A scam is in progress. I quickly called my sister telling her about the man who my niece is having a serious relationship with.

He is clearly impersonating as the son of a VVIP.

Having called my wife and daughter, I then continued my slumber.

At 5.07 I was already wide awake. The alarm was supposed to go at 5.47 but the mind was still thinking that it was still Ramadhan!

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Anonymous said...

This anecdote if true is so hilarious!! Do people go around pretending to be YB's sons just to marry good daughters??!! LOL!