Sunday, September 19, 2010


A humongous black hairy scorpion suddenly crawled out of my E200K. The sound of me sweeping pieces of freshly cut grass and other debris from the new flooring of our garage probably had startled it.

I immediately called Syafiq who came running to catch the arachnid.

"I'm is so big!"

"There's nothing to be scared of. Just snip off its sting and you'll be all right."

He then did just that and soon the scorpion was in his terrarium.

Without its sting and poison gland, it was no more a risk to anyone. In fact it became a curio with Amalia's classmates who came during our Eid open house.

A pair of very friendly squirrels, like always played catch-me-if-you-can with one another over the fence.

They were so cuddly..oh how I wish they would allow us to hold and caress their velvetty fur.

Up a tall coconut tree three or more hornbills were busy playing. I was always amazed at how these once-deep-forest birds were able to adapt and adopt themselves to the sub-urban to urban environment.

I guess they were very happy to live in between us knowing very well that nobody here would go out and hunt them.

'Stocking', our cat was busy frolicking around with his newly found girlfriend, our neighbour's queen. We were glad that now Stocking was no more a pushover for that darn old tomcat that had been harassing him around.

Strangely, they became close pals now...I mean they did not fight as mush as before and Stocking sometimes would lie around just a few feet away from it under our cars.


Wan Sharif said...

Would like to visit your mansion one day.. sound to me interesting place to be ..with so many animals..
My humble apologies to you always..
When I go home to the land of bright rainbow.. I carry a not too healthy passenger.. my MIL, she is bed-ridden and I would not feel to good to let her suffer for too long in the car (more than I can help it).. that is the reason why I could not make it a point to stop at you place

azahar said...

Ours is no mansion. It is just a place to live. We are forever grateful to Allah for opening my heart to purchase it.

Yes, the housing area is indeed a haven for birds. Imagine watching a pair of Magpie (I don't mean the murai but the big version of magpie) on a branch directly in front of the windows of my master bedroom!

A stone's throw from our residence there is a slow flowing river which I think not properly looked after. With a little creativity it and its riverbank could be turned into a viable water recreation area.

Now, I am sure there are phytons and may even be crocodiles for that matter, lurking in its almost stagnant water.

An ESSO Canadian, who was so fascinated by the surrounding, has made it his residence there. He calls his house palm garden (if I was not mistaken).

Come over whenever you pass through the land of taxes....

azahar said...

That has been my problem too. My father is urging me to bring him to Rembau to visit the cemetry of his mom and dad and also to visit his only living brother there.

My problem is he is on adult pampers and totally immobile. I have no strength to pick him up...

My mom is now immobile too, but she is still able to menghesut (drag herself) here and there in the house...