Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My eldest daughter is seriously contemplating of moving to MNLG Bintulu. In fact she has informed her immediate boss of her intention. She has also performed 'sembahyang hajat' to ask Allah's direction and help her in making the right decision and making it easy for her if that is what He want her to do.

Why Bintulu? Well actually MNLG's HQ is in Buntulu. She has fallen in love working there...you know the cost of living is relatively cheap. Well that was what she told me.

My first reaction? Well I don't mind as long as that is what she wants. We can drop by there once in a while if she is there!

What worries me a bit is that she might be forgotten. You know, far from sight far from heart ( a direct translation of a Malay saying that says Jauh di mata jauh di hati).

But that is for others, not with my Diyana. She is too resourceful and active to be forgotten just like that. She has been eyeing for better positions in PETRONAS.

May be she has another reason? Well who knows that she may fall for a Sarawakian one of these days!

We don't mind a bit having a son-in-law from Sarawak or from any other places for that matter as long as he is a Muslim who could lead her to the right path for this world and hereafter.

Like many other parents out there, I still have unfinished responsibilities with my children, my daughters especially, as long as they are still not married.

Finding the right most suitable partner for them is something that I find extremely difficult. I have tried, but it did not work. There was no chemistry between them two, yet.

I will never interfere, but will not leave it as it is without trying.

My second one, is something else. With no diploma or degree to be proud of, he is popular with members of the opposite sex. Then there was that gal from Kuala Selangor. Now she has left him for another. But never mind that, my boy is now serious with an engineer. She was her classmate in SK Bukit Sekilau many many years ago.

He has given up working in KL. He wants to look after his mom knowing that I will not be at home most of the weekdays. He just got himself a job in Impiana Hotel, Cherating. Despite his lack of formal education, he has a very good ability of landing him a job, anytime, any where.

My third one, you know the rugby player, already has someone steady. she was his one-year junior in SMK Gunung Rapat and they are close, very close.

Her parents are also very fond of him. Her mother referred him as a famous TV-star look-alike. Of course, he is a tall, dark and handsome lad that everybody who knows him will like, even toddlers!

Now come Amalia, our youngest. She was made and born in Athens, Georgia, US. Now she is turning 15, tall and fair. Her favourite hobby is to take her own pictures on her hp.

She has grown up into an elegant well-dressed girl choosing the best clothes she could lay her hands to. Many boys try to befriend her. Mind you she has two big brothers watching over her every movement!

Well my friends, that is the story of our children. They brought joy and songs to our home whenever they are around.

They provide escort services whenever they follow me in the car. Nobody will dare to be road bullies as long as they are with me.


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