Thursday, September 23, 2010


Jealousy is a negative trait most probably possessed only by us human beings. I am pretty sure that animals do not have this trait.

Is jealousy a good thing?

Well, they say a little of jealousy brings good to our lives. We do need a little controlled jealousy to survive and be happy in this world.

A little controlled jealousy makes us all wary about things. Take a husband and wife relationship, for instance. Both should have a little of jealousy with one another. Do not just accept everything that is said by one.

A husband came home late. The wife asked for the reason. He answered it was his work load at the office. The mere questioning showed that there was a healthy jealousy there.

By just letting go, a wife or a husband can't be sure with what one was doing. He or she might have an affair out there. But, there is a big but here. The jealousy must be controlled and come together with mutual trust and truthfulness. without the two, that little jealousy can well blossomed into that fat ugly green monster!

Now let me turn into that green monster.

Some people can be jealous of so many things. Jealous of others' well being, others' more beautiful or more handsomer spouse, others' bigger house, more intelligent children and so on and so forth.

Jealous with the intention of motivating themselves to equal those whom they are jealoused of, is ok and asked for.

But it is the jealousy that lead to anger and the culmination of ambition to see them fall is bad.

I have seen these things happening among us. They resort to the use of black magic, evil spirit and all sorts of dark ages practices to dethrone their enemies.

Successful restaurant suddenly become empty. Loving couple suddenly break off. Well to do people suddenly disappear.

I have come across cases of a restaurant being empty because clients just do not see it. When asked, the clients said that they did not see the restaurant anymore!

So please control the green monster in us. Never allow it to grow to the size that we cannot handle it anymore.

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