Monday, September 27, 2010


I woke up and went straight into the bathroom, had a simpler than usual morning bath and rushed out to catch the morning news.

Quickly I scanned for my blackberry, on the table next to the fan, on the make-up table and on the small table where I put the Quran.

It was not there. I was sure I had seen it that morning just before I went into the bathroom.

I tried retrace my movement. Then it clicked on me. The bed was the place that I put the blackberry.

My heart began to race as I noticed that the bed sheet had been removed.

I quickly yelled at my wife downstairs: "Ma, seen my hp? May be it was in the bed sheet!"

I scurried downstairs and there it was, my wife holding it in her hand.

"Sorry. It was in the bed sheet in the washing machine."

Syafiq switched it on, but there was nothing coming on the screen. It had been in the water for quite some time. It was soaked wet.

I controlled my temper, as best as I could. Inside I was in rage. I just could not accept such careless mistake.

I kept quiet all throughout the incidence. My wife was quiet too. Syafiq looked at me and then at his mom. He knew that I was angry, very angry.

I was angry for I knew I had lost so many important info in the hp. Syafiq then noticed that I did not save all the info into my SIM card.

I removed the battery and let it stayed like that. My wife placed it in front of the fan hoping that it would dry up and work as before.

I sent Syafiq to a hp service store in town for a check-up. They said that it was spoiled beyond economic repair and even suggested that I should better buy a new one.

A few hours later, as I was watching television, I heard that familiar sound. It was my hp's familiar sms-coming-in sound.

I looked at my wife's face. She was smiling. Syafiq quickly claimed that it was him who had repaired the hp.

The blackberry was all right!


Martin Lee said...

There are hyped up demand for iphone G4, and they are getting expensive because everyone is interested to own one.

Have to wait till the price to drop further and get one! Hope that they are equally waterproof as your Blackberry!

azahar said...

We can't keep up with the rapid changing technology...unless you have enough dough for it