Friday, December 19, 2008


Syazwan was overjoyed with his results. He has been sleepless for two nights, waiting and trying to get into the UiTM's line for the results.

It was announced that it would be in on the 17 December, but due to unknown reasons, it was not out even on the 18th morning!

Diyana was teasing Syazwan saying that UiTM was inefficient.

"Aboh, Acik gets 2.1." Amalia yelled at me as I drove in after work.

"What? 2.1? I can do it even if I didn't seat for the exam!" I answered back, knowing very well of Amalia's joke.

"It is on the lap-top. Go and see it." Syazwan reassured me.

I quickly walked to the lap-top and there it was - Syazwan was in the Dean's list, with a score of 3.62.

Syazwan has emulated his sister's achievement!

Everybody was happy. With that I hope he will now have more self-confidence in pursuing his degree in QS after completeing his Diploma.

Congrats Syazwan!

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RoyalTLady said...


Aunty bangga Shazwan berjaya. Keep it up!