Sunday, December 28, 2008


We were driving to Jaya Jusco Ipoh. At a traffic light near the right turn to JJ suddenly an occupant of a Waja with the plate number AEL 4666 opened the door and threw a polystyrene cup onto the road. That irritated me. I immediately gave them a honk signalling the adults in the car that it was bad to litter.

Quite the opposite of what I hoped for, they immediately responded by opening the right back door and one more ccup was thrown out. Children from a car on my right pointed fingers at them showing that they also hated the littering.

Just before the light turned green, again they threw another cup out of their car, completely ignoring the honking and stare of people around them

Who were they? So insensitive and outright arrogaht. We hope that Ipoh City Council and JPJ Perak should trace the owner of the car and reprimand them for littering. If possible publish their car in Malaysian dailies.

Let them know that there are people who care about keeping the environment clean and free from litter.


MK Leong said...

dr..lain kali snap their pic with ur hfon & post it in DBI/JPJ website..that should teach them.

azahar said...

I was thinking so too, but at that time my hp was out of battery..forgot to bring my charger.

I was so angry at their behaviour.