Monday, December 15, 2008


My search for members of Standard Six A SK Pusat Kemaman is beginning to bear fruit.

First it was Tuan Sharipah Aminah Syed Zuber. She was introduced to my blog by Aminah Nazifah.

Then, after a long procrastination, I began tracking another friend, Sakinan Choya, whom I knew sometimes ago was working in Hospital Kemaman but did not know how to get in touch with her.

After talking to Syaripah Aminah, I called Hospital Kemaman and asked for Sakinan.

My first attempt failed - she was out praying.

The second was also a failure as the other person on the line asked me to call extension 5215.

My third try was a success. She answered the call. I introduced myself and she was surprised and asked me how I find her. I told her how my blog has done a wonderful job of uniting some of the members of Class 1966 Standard 6 A SK Pusat Kemaman.

She burst into laughter when I told her that I really liked her pickled gucil ( a wild ball-bearing size berry) that she used to bring to school.

She was also surprised at my memory when I told her that she came from Kg Pulau Tempurung.

She told me that she was also looking forward to meet all of Class 1966 SK Pusat Kemaman.

It looks like the hunt for missing members of Class 1966 SK Pusat Kemaman is on. And try I will to organize a get-together in the near future.

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Diyana said...

Abah, think you should organize a reunion for your Standard 6 classmates at Hai Peng :)