Friday, December 5, 2008


I have decided. I am opting for an early retirement!

Well, actually it is not early retirement at all. It is just that I choose to retire at the age of 56, that's all.

Why? There's no specific is just because I'm tired, dead tired.

Tired of work, tired of the apathy and uncaring bosses, tired of what's going on in the country.

Perhaps it is time for me to relax and enjoy the world as I like it.

Perhaps it is time for me to devote my life (fuller than before) to Allah.

Perhaps it is time for me to make preparation for the final destination.

Material life is forever wanting. Never for once we are contented with what we are blessed with. That's why life is always a never ending chase after material things - money, more money and still more money!

Still remember 27 years + ago where my salary was just RM1,240.00. We still survive. But then I yearned for a promotion. From G41 to G48; from G48 to G52 and now at the end of my career finally I get my G54.

Tlady asked me recently whether I've got my JUSA. I said no, may be I will never git it. Never mind, I never regret it.

Retirement from DVS doesn't mean I retire permanently. I'll start work as long as I'm still needed by somebody, some institution, some farm...

I think I still have the energy to continue living for a long time coming.

I think I still have the knowledge, the skill that not many have and I don't want this gift of Allah to just fade away like that in this aging mind.

I want it to be transferred to as many young minds as possible. Let the skill that I have gathered all these whiles be useful to others.

I want to write. Write things that have been playing in my mind. Write things that I am opposed to but too scared to voice out just because I'm a government servant.

I still have two novels to complete. Hope I still have the drive to finish them.

I want to do service to my parents. I feel that I have not been that good a son all these whiles. Not for anything, it is just because I am too tied to the job. There are datelines to meet, papers to prepare, money to spend and projects to complete.

The date of my retirement? It will be on the 22 July 2010. I have got only about 19 months to that date.

Reaching that magical date means I will be working for DVS for 29 years and 2 months - more than half of my life is spent in the department.

I don't know about you all, but as far as I am concerned, InsyaAllah I am going.


The Dutchess said...

Dear Azahar
I do hope you will get the chance to write and finish the two novels you already started..I feel this is important,and you write well as I can read on you blog!
Life is not easier when you are getting older. For myself I can say that there where ideals lost in time..When you are young you want to change the world,now when you are older and wiser the world is a different place..
Still, there is more to come and we are needed more the ever for the strenght and wisdom we gathered
Blessings to you and your family:)

Melissa said...

Dear Azahar,

Thank you so much for your kind comments.

I am so happy for you that you will be retiring soon. I am on countdown to retirement, however, I have 14 more years to go.

It will be a new beginning.