Thursday, December 4, 2008

Magnificient Nines

These were the Magnificient Nines that made SK Pusat Kemaman proud. They were Standard 6 students selected to boarding schools (SBP).
I remember this picture was published in one Chinese newspaper. My father's colleague saw me in the picture and it was him who told my father about my achievement.
Allow me to introduce them. Standing from left:
Abu Bakar Kassim (STAR) now a Land surveyor in Kuala Terengganu
Zakaria Osman (SDAR)
Yours truly (Azahar Idris) (SDAR) now at JPV Pahang
Ahmad zaidan Hussein (SDAR) now a Physiotherapist in USM Kota Bharu
Wan Azlan (STAR) now in Finance Klang Valley
Sitting from left:
Shamsiah Abu Bakar (STF) now in a Nursing School in the Middle East somewhere
Aminah Nazifah aka RoyalTlady (STF)
Cikgu Yong Hitam (our dedicated class teacher) now residing in Kg Bukit Kuang
Dr Azizah Harun (STF) a Medical doctor
Wan Esah Harun (STF) now with RISDA HQ
It was true the dedicated work of Chikgu Yong that we are who we are now. He gave us free tuitions and extra classes. He motivated us all to succeed in exam and life.
There was no UPSR then. There was just this special examination to select candidates for entrance to SBP.
Surprising them all, all the nine of us were successful. All of us went to SBP. All of us were successful in life, in their own way.
Thank you SK Pusat Kemaman!

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