Thursday, December 4, 2008


They were coming - our ex-neighbours from Taman Pauh, Penang.

As if it has been planned to the minute details, I arrived in front of my house gate at almost the same time when their car stopped.

He was still as young as ever. He looked many manay years younger than his real age. He was 58, but looked even younger than me.

His wife was as talkative as ever. Their youngest daughter, Fairuz, was also very talkative.

We had a lot of stories to tell. Mak Cik Putih was still around. She has really been an angel to her husband who was paralysed for almost a decade. So too were their children - everyone took turn looking after their father. Kamal outshone the others - he took the trouble to put on and replace his father's urethral catheter, manually removing his father's stool, etc

A sad but rather common story nowadays happened to our next-door neighbour - divorce. I guessed it is their fate. I wonder where is their only daughter now? Hope that she is ok facing the great test of Allah.

Nadirah's mother enjoyed the gnetum crackers (kerepek meninaj) that my wife served them.

For dinner, we went to Teratak, our favourite food joint in Kampung Besut.


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Thanks for sharing the story with us Azahar. It's really good to know that you still keep in touch with your old neighbors. Sometimes it's sad that many of us, yours truly included, do not keep in touch with even our present ones. Congrats and Cheers!

The Malaysian Explorer

azahar said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog. Actually we try our best to keep track of our neighbours.

As a forever moving federal govt officers, I have served in many places. True to what they said: Rolling stones gather no moss...but why want to gather moss?