Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Top-most - The Young
Middle - Female
Down - Male

Have you heard the song, the continuous koo-oooing of the male Asian koel? You may have heard it often enough, but I am pretty sure you can't see it normally, unless you really look for it.
I like to imitiate the song as it sings out its melodious song on a tree somewhere close. Whenever I do so, it will fight back in more rapid songs.

They are the Asian koels. or Eudanamys scolapacea malayana.

Many of you may not know this. They are brooder parasites - meaning they lay their one or rarely two eggs in other bird's nest (usually a crow or mynah). First they throw away the host's eggs. The host bird will then brood their eggs and later raise their nestlings!

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