Friday, December 12, 2008


"Pak Cik, papa just passed away peacefully. Please give doa so that his roh is blessed by Allah." That was a simple and direct SMS that his son wrote and was forwarded by Sabri.


Al-Fatihah and may Allah place him among his beloveds.

My friend, a childhood pal has passed away, leaving us for good.

Though we have never met since leaving SDAR, I was always on track with him through other friends. I knew that he was sick lately but the physical distance between us prevented us from meeting in person.

A great chess player who had successfully trained and motivated his son to be one of the greatest Malay chess player today.

So deeply involved was he in chess that (so I was told) he did not mind spending just to follow his son around the world playing chess in chess competition.

He was also one of the pioneer house-husband in Malaysia.

Still vivid in my mind how hard he practised to speak English correctly. His thick Kelantan dialect made it difficult for him then.

To his family whom I have never met, deepest condolence from us. Please submit to the will of Allah and be patient facing such a great test of Allah.

Rest in peace my friend and our doa to you always.

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