Thursday, December 4, 2008


For a couple of days now, or was it longer?, there was this throbbing headaches, giddiness and feeling like wanting to faint.

"What's up with me? Am I having a hypertension? Or was it just because I have eaten too much red meat of late?"

Those were questions that have been playing in my mind.

"Or is it just because I am too tired?"

It was true that I have been consuming too much red meat lately. The last occassion was during the recent Animal carnival. The yearling Kedah Kelantan bull barbecue was just too enticing for me. In no time I gobbled down almost half a kilo of tender, juicy and delicious tender loin.

That was my weakness - tender beef or chevon or lamb!

So, on last Sunday I went to Kemaman Hospital for a check-up.

My blood pressure was, believe it or not, was 120/75. Just like that of a youngster's! That was what the young doctor told me.

My blood sugar level was 5.3. I was free of diabetes too. I was suspicious at first, thinking that all the general chronic fatigue I was experiencing lately was due to this dreaded disease.

The fact that my dad was first diagnosed with diabetes when he was 54 added to my fear.

Now I know that I am ok as far as diabetes and hypertension go.

It is not a case of luck or what. It is because I take care of what I eat and how much I eat. Actually I don't eat that much. I am just too choosy in what I take.

I do walk a lot. I prefer to park my car far away from the place I want to go.

I hope and pray I will able to continue walking for a long time to come.

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