Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Life and death are determined by God. Nothing much we, mortals, can do about it.

A few of us have already gone there. Brother Derome was our latest dear departed.

All we could do is to live fully (in the actual sense of the word) to the best of our ability.

Suddenly we realize that our time is up. We talked about it among ourselves. Dr Abd Manaf (I take my hat off for his great patience in facing that great test of God without uttering a word of regret) said that may be he wouldn't be able to make it for our 55-year-old reunion scheduled in Perlis 1st may 2009.

Then Dr Abd Rahman Omar (aka Doc Computer among us) said for him 55 may be, but 60 most probably not.

Zainuddin (aka kangkung) quickly pointed out that it was all in our mind. He talked about people living up to the ripe age of 80 - 90 and said that it is up to us to make doa for long life.

I don't know about you all. For me all that I am praying for is to be blessed with sound mental faculty (remember things) and ability to walk around till the time for me to go.

I never want to burden anyone by being bed-ridden at the later stages of life.

Getting prepared for that ultimate and surely coming day is fast becoming my main agenda in life.

It is not that I have given up life. It is just that I am giving priority to what is certain and that I have left by the side all these whiles.

All these whiles we are just too busy meeting datelines of our jobs, our home, etc.

It is time that we look at the place we are going next. The place where money, social status, rank, property, etc means nothing. The place where your good sincere deeds are audited against your bad ones.

Just be ready for that day....

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