Monday, January 5, 2009


I was in Ward 5 Kuala Lumpur Hospital trying to get my son, Syafiq, transferred to Kemaman Hospital.

Syafiq injured his neck when he slipped and fell on the staircase of his apartment. Strange, but according to him, he had stepped on a pool of air sireh spat (Betel nut) out by a Bangladeshi resulting in him losing his balance and fell; his neck hit hard against the staircase railing.

Luckily, no bone was broken. There was quite a severe soft tissue injury though.

Before he was allowed to go home, he had to get a soft neck collar from a supplier in Ampang to replace the one that he was wearing.

After a long wait (more than three hours) there they were bringing with them three pairs of soft neck collars.

Wasting no time, Mr Suip tried the collars on Syafiq's neck. The Large one fitted well.

I was looking at him while he was doing his job. He was kind of very familiar - his facial as well as physical structure reminded me of someone that I knew. But I just could not place exactly who.

He gave me his business card and left. I looked at it and saw his name - Suip bin Ahmad.

Then only it came to me. He was a mirror image of my friend when I was in the States, Nordin bin Ahmad.

I quickly 'sms'ed him asking him whether he had a brother by the name of Nordin bin Ahmad.

It took him quite a while to answer my sms, a full 24 hours to be exact.

He said he did have a brother by the name of Nordin Ahmad, but he had passed away since he was still a toddler.

We were all flabbergasted at this strange almost 'twilight zone' in nature coincuidence.

Was it another case of pelanduk dua serupa (direct translation - twin mousedeer) that I had spoken of before?
Pelanduk (Mousedeer)

I then 'sms'ed Nordin telling him the weird story. He too thought that it was a case of pelanduk dua serupa.

How wonderful will it be if Mr Suip and Nordin could meet face to face!

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