Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Giving is always good, no matter how small our gift is.

Giving with full of sincerity and made without us realizing it, is what everyone of us reaching for.

More so with the coming Ramadhan.

I am always sad or rather angry, frustrated at a one lady in a Nasi dagang stall in Kemaman. Her Nasi dagang is excellent no doubt about it. But her 'ungiving' act everytime she packs her RM1.50-a-pack nasi dagang makes me want to puke.

She would always scoop away a little wee bit nasi dagang everytime she packs. She does this every time and for every pack. I wonder how many grams of nasi dagang she saves doing so?

Is she saving that much really? She seems so stingy that way. Why not, instead of scooping away, scooping that extra bit into the pack? She will be giving sedekah everytime she sells a pack, and better still, she will receive an 'unknown' pahala collection later.

On the other hand, I always admire fish sellers at the market who always add extra fish over and above the amount bought!

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