Wednesday, August 26, 2009


He had suffered so much. He had diabetes when he was still in school, so he told me when I last visited him.

Then he had to undergo a by-pass operation. That was when we were in Penang. They had to collect two veins from his legs when one failed. I just guessed when I saw long scar in both of his legs (I hope my memory is correct).

Chronic uncontrolled diabetes have many bad effects on the body.

Then he lost his sight, his hearing, his locomotion. Despite of all his medical problems, he never complained and accepted all as pre-destined.

He continued working. He just loved teaching medical students.

Both of his kidneys then failed and he had to be on dialysis machine...not the normal one that we see, his was a modern one using peritoneal dialysis.

Then gangrene set in in one of his legs. It had to be amputated.

His another leg then suffered similar problem. Doctors from IJN tried their best to repair the vessels of the leg, but they failed. It had to be amputated.

His condition worsened. From my last visit I saw tell-tale signs of his deteriorating condition.

He passed away at 12.20 pm on 24 August 2009, leaving a wife and two sons. His passing is a great loss to us all. He was the one most important person responsible for our last reunion in Kangar.

Despite of his bad health condition, he braved himself and joined the reunion. There, he always said that it might be his last reunion.

He was right. Barely a year passed since the reunion, he left us. My good friend Dr Abd. Manaf has passed away.

Rest in peace my dear friend and our prayers are always with you for you being blaessed by Allah and placed among His beloveds.

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