Thursday, August 27, 2009


A is an HIV positive. B is a 28-year old girl. They work in the same place. Their closeness makes A&B fall in love with each other.

The problem is B doesn't know that A is HIV positive. B says that she doesn't care if A is HIV positive after the mandatory HIV blood test if they decide to get married...and they do.

B's parents do not like A...well may be they know of A's past life...or somebody has told them about A's background...

A has been repeatedly told to think it very seriously before deciding to plunge into marriage.

Why? Because hitherto nobody, except his close family members, knows of his health problem.

Let's say his boss knows, what will happen to A? Most probably he will be fired there and then.

What about the rest of A's family? Once they know they will probably (already had in reality) boycott him.

Even B herself, don't tell me that B will still marry A if she knows his secret?

Of course now she says that she will still marry him come what may.

A knows well that if he is to marry A, the probability of her or their future babies will be infected with HIV is great....A may say that he will take wearing condom for instance, but for how long?

The thing has got to go off if they were thinking of having a baby!

A and B are inseparable now. B will always be with A come rain or shine. B's parents do not like it. For them B is too cheap...many agreed with their view.

B is not blessed with great look or body (meaning no disrespect to her). A is not that great looking either...but there is something in A that could easily make girls fall for him. Like the legendary P. Ramli used to say.."Lawa tiada, manis ada" (not handsome but sweet)

A is kind, very kind and sociable.

What is going to happen to them two? Nobody can blame A for wanting to settle down and have kids.

So too is B, who can blame her if there is somebody falling head over heel in love with her.

Again, what is their future together, if there is any?

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