Thursday, August 6, 2009


H1N1 is spreading fast. Mortality figures just passed double digit. It is now twelve.

Pity the Ministry of Health personnels. They work hard, first to contain the disease, but when that failed, they are now trying to mitigate the disease - just like my lawyer mitigating my road accident case many many years ago.

In doing so, many flu cases are just given casual examination and let go with normal flu medication, without throat swabbing. People complained. Patients are more learned now. They get worried when they or their children are not examined thoroughly and swabbed.

They do not know that public hospitals are overwhelmed with flu cases (not necessarily H1N1) and each H1N1 test is expensive and they cannot afford to test every flu case that come to the hospital!

Yesterday at the Award Giving Ceremony at the Palace, everybody was screened for signs of fever. Only those free of fever was allowed into the Balairong.

It was a wise move. People now should be more concerned of the spread of H1N1. Public gatherings in closed places, or anywhere for that matter, should be discouraged (or better be banned) unless really really necessary.

Complicating matters are the haze and the fruit season. Haze irritate our eyes and throat causing coughing. This confuses health workers. So too are rambutans.


May be now is not the time for social proximity. Social distancing is expected instead. We should be not less than 3 feet away from other people. It is not a sign of arrogance or anything like that, but it is good hygiene.

Heavy droplets from coughs and sneezes are said to be too heavy to float around and they usually fall less than 3 feet away.

Personal cleanliness is of utmost importance now. There is such thing as coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Not shaking hands with anyone we meet is no more a sign of rudeness, but more of playing smart.

If you know that you have fever, cough and flu like illness, please refrain yourselves from going out of the house. Self quarantine yourselves, even from family members.

Having said that, eat more fresh fruits. They contain vitamins that will strengthen your immunity. Get away from the haze and crowded places. If you must go there, wear mask...surgical mask is sufficient, so I was told by a medical doctor.

Do more doa and solah hajat. May Allah swt bless us and keep H1N1 at bay.

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