Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Ramadhan teaches us all to be of excellent behaviour in all aspects of life, be it our relationship with our fellow human beings and also with our Creator.

It is in this Holy Month that we all should behave well. Fasting, if properly followed, should make us modest, humble and most important thankful for the bounty that Allah has blessed us since the last Ramadhan and many many more Ramadhans to come.

Being modest and humble is asked for in Islam. Our great Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the four chosen caliphs all lived in the humblest possible way that a human being could.

They all have great power in their hands and yet they remained modest and humble. They had never for once been boastful and arrogant in their lives.

Prophet Sulaiman was one of the richest and most powerful man in term of material property and power. He could control animals and djinns! But look at him, he still remained pious, humble and never arrogant He even took heed of the fear of ants when his army passed by.

Why? They all are people who were thankful to Allah for blessing them.

Allah ask us to be thankful both to His creation and Him. Only those who are thankful to His creation will be thankful to Him.

Never let your temporary richness blinds you. Never let satan overpowers you. You may be rich, but there are many more far richer than you.

Come to think of it, are there really rich men? Rich means having so much that you don't need any help from anyone or anything. ONLY GOD is RICH!

You may be powerful and have rows of titles in front of your name, but remember, all that can be taken away within a split of a second.

When you die, all that is left is your dead body. People normally will shy away or are even scared to stay alone with your dead body. Unless you are loved by all when you are still alive and kicking.

But, if you were arrogant and uppity when you are alive, sorry, people will just do that....leave your body alone.

To Allah, all your richness and power and titles are nothing. He is the richest and most powerful of all.

Remember, you are poor once. Many people helped you in making who you are now. You are never alone in your worldly quest. You could never have achieved what you are achieving with other people's help.

How many times have you uttered the words 'THANK YOU' to these people? When was the last time you said so to your fellow workers?

You are just starting accumulating're not yet rich, mind you. Have you reflected on you how much money have you spent and how much money have you gained so far?

Your business seems to be booming...but friend, you still have very far to go.

Don't go shouting to everyone that you are the number one and belittling others.

You're where you're now because of help given to you by so many people. Without so many people's help you're nothing.

You are outright arrogant! Your arrogance will never help you.

Remember David, the little boy who defeated the mighty Goliath? With just a pebble and a sling shot, Goliath, the arrogant, fell to the ground dead.

Many proud human civilizaton vanished from the Earth just by their sheer arrogance.

Oh how much I detest human arrogance!

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