Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My wife, she heard some birds making strange noises from somewhere. At first she could not pin-point from which tree they were.

"Aboh, come and have a look...what birds are they?"

I came running to see what birds they were. There were three of them. I had never seen the like of them before.

They were big birds, jet black in colour and with a white stripe on the wings. They were playing and chasing each other, jumping from one branch to another on Mek Yah's water apple and Mata kucing trees.

Once in a while they gave out that strange voice. After about fifteen minutes in the trees, one of them flew away towards the secondary jungle next to the river just across Petronas gasline.

I wondered what species they were. They were too big for the Asian koel or drongo.

Today I saw a picture of very similar bird - Balck magpie...black and with white stripe on the wing...but the birds that I saw were somewhat bigger in size...

I am not sure whether they are Black magpie or not. To you birders out there, please help me in this.

May be they were chased out from their domain in the primary jungle adjacent to the teachers' quarters. The beautiful jungle was stripped naked in just two days, leaving the road muddy and all for the sake of development.

Couldn't they practise selective felling rather that blanket destruction?

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azahar said...

I think they were Black magpie allright! They are in the threatened list, these black magpie.