Monday, August 3, 2009


The big bikers zoomed past us at neck-breakin speed, weaving in and out past cars along the Karak highway.

Diyana was concentrating hard on the road. That was her first drive up the winding hills of the highway. She was doing ok when I passed her the steering after reaching Temerloh R&R.

Only occasionally I reminded her to take the right lane when there were four five lorries and buses on the left lane. I did not want her to get bogged down between the slow-moving vehicles.

Suddenly, as we reached the highest point of the hill, we saw cars parked beside the road. On the left, just after the metal safety rail, we saw a body sprawled on the narrow grass lawn. His friend was kneeling besides him crying. Next to the body was the front wheel of the ill-fated bike. Near the concrete divider I saw a leather boot...

It was a fatal accident. The biker broke his neck. Diyana, scared to even let her mom describing the accident, continued on.

She said Alhamdulillah as she made it to Gombak R&R. Thanks God the drive was a smooth one.

She continued to Putra LRT station to fetch Syafiq. We then drove straight to my brother's house in Taman Cheras Jaya to collect my sister's brand new car.

After a quick drink, we drove on (in two cars) to Diyana's apartment in Putrajaya. Syafiq and Syazwan were busy carrying mattresses and boxes up to Diyana's room.

Her apartment reminded me when I first rented a room in Kg Melayu, Kluang. The apartment was bare. - there was no bed, chairs...just an old carpet and a mat.

After our Zuhur prayers, we left Diyana for home. The Exora was no match in term of climbing power compared to both Diyana's vios and my Citra.

We arrived home before nine. Amalia was alone in the house.

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