Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ramadhan is coming. Most probably it will be on the 22 August.

Ramadhan came and Ramadhan went, but what standard of fasting have I achieved so far?

The best is still the commoners' fast.

As this will be my 49th fasting I guess I have to do something to raise its standard.

It will not be easy, but I'll try.

Sadly, to the majority of Muslims here, Ramadhan is becoming more of a culture, not befitting its third pillar of Islam.

Why I say this? Because in Ramadhan people become attracted to food - all sorts of food for the breakfast. Food that are long forgotten will surface everytime Ramadhan comes.

Breakfast will turn into drinking and eating or rather over-eating activities. many people just eat and drink too much, probably paying back all that they have abstained during daytime fasting!

After breakfast, they (me included most of the time) become heavy-stomached, thus rendering them unfit for the much sought-after Tarawikh prayers.

I am making a new Ramadhan resolutions - 1) to stop eating too much at Breakfast, 2) to perform Tarawih prayers and 3) to continue Ramadhan fasting with 6-day Shawal fasting.

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