Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It is true what they said:" We miss them when they're not around."

That is what happening to us.

Now there is just the three of us in the house. No more friendly wranglings, name callings, etc between them four and the two of us.

When Amalia goes to school and I to work, she will be all alone in the house.

A meal will not be the same without our four children. A two-cup rice will not be finished with just the three of us. Lauk will often go to the waste plastic bag at the end of the day.

A totally different scenario occurs when all of us are around. Appetite will be so good that nothing ever go to waste. A four-cup rice will be finished in no time. Whatever my wife cooks will be consumed clean.

The house will come to life whenever all of them are around. No burglars or those with evil intention even dare to come close whenthey are in the house. Television will continue playing till morning...however, most of the time it is watching them!

Driving around is surely much safer with them in the car. Why? I could safely blow away my horn whenever someone do something wrong on the road, like cutting queues, passing me dangerously or throwing rubbish out of their car.

It is surely an asset to have them around. The boys, or rather the young men are all towering above me (I am tall for my generation).

The young ladies too have stood taller than their mother. Amalia, the youngest of them all, is passing Diyana in height!

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