Monday, August 17, 2009

WAS IT H1N1????

I was sick for the entire week. There was fever, sore throat, coughing (the entire Sunday night) and really bad headaches.

On Monday (10 August) morning there I was, joining in in the screening exercise at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Kuantan.

They modified the garage into a very practical examination rooms and a pharmacy. Tents were erected in front of the examination rooms and there was already a crowd when I arrived at about 8.30 am.

The registration process was very brief. A nurse examined me. First my BP was taken using the registered a 168/90! Hypertension...then she used the manual dropped to 140/90...ah what a relief, a false alarm.

Then the temperature...38.4 C...Fever. I was then referred to a doctor in examination room 2. He looked at my throat and said that it was not that bad. He even sketched my throat showing that the tonsil was ok...

"Then why was I coughing throughout last night?"

"It was just from the've URTI, may be viral."

"H1N1 is also a virus," I said to myself, questioning the young doctor's answer. He should explain more rather than be so simple. I did not blame him, he missed my name on the shirt.

I was (that also after requesting) given a 1-day medical leave, three strips of paracetamol 500mg, a bottle of cough syrup, a thymol gargle and Piriton (for my cold).

At firs I thought that I wanted to continue working. My head was throbbing like anything...the fever persisted and the throat parched dry.

Diyana called and asked me to go on leave.

Then I decided to do so. I went home and took a 4-day leave.

I felt so weak...

Was I infected with H1N1? I did not know....

Today is 17 August...I have to attend the State Assembly Meeting...Luckily it was only a half-day affair...

The fever is still there and so is the sore throat, weakness...

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