Thursday, January 14, 2010


At first we expected 100 participants to register. But after a mass promotion through newspaper, here they come, nearly three hundred of them.

Our hall can only house 150 at the most. So thanks to our neighbours, RTM, they allowed us to organize the course in their multipurpose hall.

So the first Swiftlet management course for the year was moved to RTM's multipurpose hall. Sorry for having to remove your shoes, folks, that is their rule!

The topics that will be presented today include:

Swiftlet GAHP


Import Export procedures

Swiftlet raising - a business - by Director DVS Terengganu

Swiftlet diseases and sampling

The course will be officially closed by YB Dato' Chuah Boon Seong, ADUN Mentakab on behalf of YB Dato' Hoh Kai Mun at 4.30 this afternoon.


Anonymous said...


Martin Lee said...

No chance to attend. If you have the presentation material, could you share with us on the web or is it something proprietary?

I think it must be very interesting to know more about this swiftlets rearing hobby and business combined.

azahar said...

It is a lucrative hobby if you do it right plus a little ong!

MK Leong said...
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Chuah Boon Seong said...



Ya, the attendance is out of expectation!

Actually, I should say, you all have done a very good job.

This afternoon(15/1), I met a participant from Mentakab after leaving office and having tea with some friends. He told me he saw me officiating the closing ceremony there, then only I realized he is one of the participants. He told me that the seminar is very helpful for him as a beginner.

Sincerely hope that the Jabatan continue to promote the rearing of swiftlets and in the meantime, help to propagate the correct ways of rearing swiftlets and contain the complaints towards this industry.

Wakil rakyat ni selalu tersepit di antaranya.

Salam drpd,

Chuah Boon Seong YB, Dato

azahar said...

YB Dato'

Indeed I am very surprised and honoured to have you as a visitor to my blog.

We'll do our best to make sure the swiftlet industry develop in Pahang without causing problems to the neighbours.

With your support the industry will grow to its full potential.