Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was a fan of the Incredible Hulk long before movies were made from the comic character. In fact back then I read many editions of the Incredible Hulk comic books.

Khalid Bulat, my one-year junior, knew this well. He was very fond of mimicking Hulk's transformation, or was it metamorphosis?

Who can forget Banners famous words..Don't make me wouldn'nt like it when I'm angry."

Besides Hulk, the other super heroes I was glued to include the Rawhide Kid, The Iron Man, Fantastic Four, G.I. Joe, Batman, Superman, Thor etc etc

Beanos and Dandy were another comic book series that I collected a lot then. Pity that I had lost all of these comic books...Some say they would fetch a handsome price now, especially if they were of the limited or special edition.


Aiman Amani said...

Dear Uncle Azahar,

My mum loves to read Tintin comics when she was young. She used to tell me a lot of the funny episodes of the Tintin comics. My mum told me that Tintin was so interesting and hilarious that I just can't imagine why in the world my mother was so excited about Tintin.

It was not until two years ago I came across the first Tintin comicI've ever seen. I was with my family at the MPH Warehouse Sale and we found a table full of only Tintin comics. We bought 3 comics that day and I started reading it immediately once I reached home. I have to say that it is even better than how my mum described it. The comics even made me fell of my chair!

We went to the warehouse sale again on the last day and bought 2 more. Uncle should really read Tintin comics, they are simply too wonderful for words :) .

azahar said...

Dear Aiman Amani,

Boys did not read Tintin comics!

They read all the rough stuffs...the superheroes...

But I did read Enid Blyton books...they enriched my English.

Please keep all your comic books well. They may be priceless later on.

I know of a story of a man who became a millionaire after knowing that all the 'garbage' that he had been collecting all these while was worth a fortune!

Aiman Amani said...

Dear Uncle Azahar,

Uncle may be wrong... We met a man about the same age as my mum at the MPH Warehouse Sale. He was digging for Tintin comic books with my mum and was telling us that he wanted to start his own Tintin collection. He started reading Tintin in primary school and used to borrow them from the school library. Unfortunately, most of the books were always missing.

Speaking about 'garbage', I wonder how much my piles of 'garbage' worth... ;) I'm a very active 'garbage' collector.