Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It is the hottest topic debated all over Malaysia now. The high court has overruled the decision banning of the use of Allah made earlier by the Interior Ministry.

Muslims and Non-Muslims citizens of Malaysia both have conflicting views. Some were against the idea, while the others were all for it, even among the Muslims.

It is strange, I mean the split views.

Ideally, at least for me, as there is no God except ALLAH, it seems right for the Non-Muslims to use it if they really want.

But, are the Non-Muslims really want to use the word ALLAH because they like the word so much (which I don't think so) or because they have ulterior motives.

Motives like they want to sway weak-faithed Muslims (many of them nowadays, even among those who professed that they are Muslims but choose only those rules suited to them and rubbish those that they think restrict them) and become them?

I know, there are modern Muslims who said that why should we be scared of allowing the use of the word. We should not be afraid if we have confidence in Islam.

Oh yes, I have very great confidence in Islam, without which I will not be a good Muslim. Everybody knows this. But have we forgotten Allah's reminder that there those who will never be happy and will work hard and never stop swaying Muslims till we become them?

Those who agree say that with the use of the word, they will undertsand us better and may be many more people will embrace Islam. Sounds so nice and pure. Just like the point made when they say do not force women to put on clothes that cover their aurat; by doing so hopefully more people will embrace Islam. They have lived in hope ever since!

Only ALLAH can open their heart and embrace Islam; all we can do is try our best.

My experience tells me that the best way is not by mere talking, but by showing the way Islam should be lived. Islam is the way of life. It covers every aspect of our lives, this world and the hereafter.

The way we raise our children, the way we eat, the way we do congregational prayers, the way we treat our spouses, the way we respect our elders, the way we love or youngsters, etc etc will for sure attract other to embrace Islam.

I have personally met people embracing Islam after they saw how we eat together, pray together and they were very impressed when they saw my wife cooked three times a day for our meals and my daughter asked our permission to go on a class camping trip!

Please think it again, for the sake of our children. It is true that there is no compulsion for someone to embrace Islam, but once you are a Muslim, you have to follow everything that is expected of you and not doing anything that is forbidden.

Say ALLAH is one.AlLAH is the place to seek help. ALLAH has no children and not the child of anyone. There is no one similar or like Him.


Martin Lee said...

Just purely from the historic root standpoint, the Abrahamic faith which includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with the God of Abraham as the only one God, He was addressed as Yahweh, Elohim in Hebrew, but Allah in Arabic. So they all mean the same and only ONE God despite all the different religious interpretations!

What you said is very true, no matter what religion you profess and how you call the name of your God, people will only look at the way you walk your life. Human beings are simply not perfect and they err, if they continue to make the same mistake against their religion over and over again, this disobedient behavior itself would blasphemize the name of the Al-mighty God!

azahar said...

The real fact is that all the four Prophets, Abraham (Ibrahim p.b.u.h ), David (Daud p.b.u.h), Moses(Musa p.b.u.h), Jesus(Isa p.b.u.h) and finally Muhammad (p.b.u.h) all preached oneness of God. It was only their followers who went astray...

Martin Lee said...

I always tell my colleagues and friends, if all these followers of Abrahamic faith always quarrel, disagree and even fought, it only points to one thing, that is, the God of Abraham is real, because all these parties, in no way, they could collaborate amongst themselves, and falsify a God for our worship.

So there is God, and fear God!

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