Monday, January 25, 2010


She was a special friend. A friend from way back in 1963 when were in standard three in SK Kampung Gajah.

We used to walk together to school along the riverbank of the majestic Perak River, sometimes munching on round tapioca chips with hot sambal dip.

Like always I search for her on the Internet but never found her. Suddenly, last week finally I found someone with the same name, Datin Hasnani Saad, a senior Custom Officer in the Custom Officer Association Web-page.

I immediately contacted the web-master asking whether that Datin Hasnani was my old friend from standard three.

This morning I received a reply, confirming that Datin Hasnani is a daughter of a policeman and her father used to work in Balai Polis Kg Gajah!

He even gave her hp number.

I called her and we talked. Indeed she was the Hasnani Saad that I used to know and that I have been searching. Sadly, she did not remember as well as me about our friendship and at things that happened in Kg Gajah.

All she remember was she was very fond of swimming in Perak River and was occassionally caned by her father for that.

Well never mind, this is just the beginning. May be gradually she will remember all those years in Kg Gajah.

I am very happy that at last I have found her. She is married to a Police Officer. Her father, Pakcik Saad to me, has passed away and her mother, mak cik Zaharah (she was from Dungun, Terengganu) is still around.

A quick check with my mother confirmed that Mak Cik Zaharah and her was very close too.