Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My grandmother, or just Tok Wan to us all, never mentioned about her mother. Then just before she passed away many many years ago, she asked my mother to pay for her mother's pilgrimage to Mecca.

She told my mother that her mother's name was Sharifah Fatimah Zaharah. She was from either Beserah or Balok.

She was married to one En. Musa and after marriage they moved to Besut. She passed away when my grandmother was still a small girl.

It is pity that only recently that I knew this piece of information. I know that it will be just like looking for a needle in a hay stack looking for her descendants in Pahang.

The urge to find my roots is getting stronger now.

My mother also told me that when she was still around, many of her distant relatives begged her to visit them in Beserah, but she declined. She was very conscious of her 'poorness'.

It was then that my mother knew that Syed Noh was also her relative.

When we were living in Alor Akar Police Filed Force camp in the early sixties, she used to meet a man who later told her that they were related. That man was known then as Pak Awang. He told my mother that he felt a crtain bonding between them two.

So, if any of you reading this blog who happen to know anyone who is realted to Sharifah Fatimah Zaharah or her desendants, please tell me.
I really look forward to meet them just to finish my family tree puzzle!

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