Thursday, January 21, 2010


I always make it a point to attend all functions where my children receive something from somebody in recognition of his or her achievement. It is a must go thing.

Today, I spend half of my working a day at SMKSI's hall just to make my presence felt by my youngest, Noorul Amalia. To me attending school functions is an official duty.

Amalia receives her award for being the third best in Form 1 (2009). She scored 5A's and 3 B's.

I am impressed with the school. It recognises potential high-flying students in forms three, five and upper six and called them Star students!

Sadly, very few parents attend the function. The PTA chairmen nagged about the parents lacking of interest in their children's academic achievement. He goes on and on in his speech.

The officer invited to officiate the function is the Pengarah Agensi Pembangunan Masyarakat Terengganu (previously known as APU, depending on who is the MB!). He is an alumnus of SMKSI and his speech is both memorable and convincing.

But he is more of a political leader than anything else! His topic is wide, ranging from the new Bukit Kuang bridge right to the students.