Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My hp was busy last night with sms after another, from old friends, children and children's friends and also relatives.

I was on TV3 Bulletin Utama wearing a Kangaroo skin hat and commenting on the conversion of pig house into cattle sheds.

Zamri, my nephew once removed commented that I would look better without my hat on. Rosman said that I looked handsome. Jagjit Singh even went to the extent saying that I resembled Fahmin Rejab, the ex-RISDA DG. Syazwan's rugby buddies called him telling that I was on TV.

Actually I was not that thrilled to be on TV. Gone were the days when I was very excited when I was on TV, even as an extra. Now, they were chasing me to be interviewed for issues.

About the hat, it was sweltering hot and following Saadiah in Musang Berjanggut, I put it on in fear of something (remnants of pigs) falling down onto my head. No, it was just that I like to wear hats whenever i am outside.

The real story behind the TV appearance was that I was very happy that finally that pig farm was closed. IT took us five years to make the old man to finally remove all pigs from the farm.

I remember being called to an EXCO member's room during my first week in Pahang to discuss the closing of the pig farm. They all wanted me to allow Mr Liew Sung to continue farming till he payed all his loan to the bank.

We even lost the court case when we tried to close it using our enactment. You wannna know why we lost? It was on technicality...the charge was operating a pig farm without a licence...he was actually operating on an expired temporary licence. To us laymen, they are the same, but in the eyes of law, they are differen.

He sincerely wants to convert his farm to cattle, and I am obliged to offer him all that I could do to help.

From the look of things, I am very confident he could be as successful. The fifty heads of cattle now he is rearing in the ex-pig house are looking very well, all shiny-coated and looked very happy and most important of all some of them are pregnant.

I hope that he will be a very good cattle breed-lot operator soon. With his vast experience in raising pigs, I am confident he could be a successful cattle or even dairy farmer!

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