Monday, January 25, 2010


As I was driving out of my house to fetch Amalia from school yesterday, I saw a small girl running and crying on the road.

She was only in her skirts and barefoot. I stopped my car as I reached by her side. She was crying.

She looked very familiar.

"Why are you crying?" I asked her.

"My mom left me! She brings her grandson to hospital..."

"Are you the daughter of Pok Kob?" I asked as I realized she was most probably Yaakob's daughter.

"Yes, Pak Cik!" she answered and got into my car.

" Don't're safe with me."

I drove on to SMKSI to fetch Amalia.

The issues here were:

What if someone with bad intention were to have picked her up? We don't want to see another case of a chuild being kidnapped, sadistically sexually abused and brutally murdered.

Why was a little girl like her left alone in the house? Her mom shouldn't have left her alone in the house just like that.

Children should be, brain-washed if necessary, taught never to get into a stranger's car for any reason.

She was safe as I happened to be her uncle, once removed. Her brother accepted her as she got down from my car. Her mother was standing in front of the door, looking worried. Nobody said anything to me.