Monday, January 11, 2010


I'm neither an engineer nor an architect, but from what I have seen, read and knew for a fact, our building industry (particularly government building) is in trouble.

I have yet to see for a long time now, a government building, be it as simple as school computer lab, completed perfectly in time and quality.

I remember long time ago, in the early eighties to be exact, a demolition contractor found it very difficult to demolish a class H quarters. Why? Because it was built of according-to-specification concrete. The wall was so solid that the contractor had to work extra hard to have it in rubbles.

Unlike many of the the present government buildings, the wall are so shabbily built that a karate blow will knock it down to dusts (more sand than cement).

But, the cost of constructing one is way high above its real cost. ????

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