Monday, October 19, 2009


Once again, we were very eager to be there, to be in person and witness her as she walks on the stage to receive her Degree.

This time it was much more meaningful than her first Diploma convocation. This time it was for her Law degree, her choice and for that she had to fight hard just to get in, and she would receive it from HRH Sultan of Pahang himself!

We put up a night in The Zon on the Park all suites hotel, just five minutes walk from the Suria KLCC.

On the 10 October 2009, that was her convocation day, we all woke up very early. At 6.15 we were all ready for breakfast and at 6.45 we checked out of the hotel and made our way to IIUM, Gombak.

We arrived relatively early in IIUM campus. The parking spaces were still ample.

Diyana, in her convocation robe looked jubilant. She had made it. Just like her father almost three decades ago, she was blessed with a job well before her convocation!

Outside the hall there was already a big crowd of graduands as well as family members. Amalia was frustrated for not being able to be in the hall as only two were allowed in per family.

Souvenir shops were every where. They really made money by selling flowers, teddy bears, etc to the graduands.

There was impatient among the family members. We had to wait it out before being allowed to get into the hall.

We got a nice front row with a very clear view of the ceremony. To our left were Diyana's friend's parents.

Looking at the convocation booklet, we were proud to see that our Diyana was one of those law graduands with a star marked in front of her name...those who graduated with a CGPA of more than 3.0.

Talking to other parents, we learned that there were still many without a job. Diyana was very blessed for she had, not one but three job offers...and pretty soon, God willing, she will once again on the move...this time to PETRONAS.

When it was all over, we were very busy taking pictures with her.

After a delicious lunch at a Malay restaurant in Taman Melati, we drove back to Kemaman, for I had a class the next day.

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azahar said...

Syukur Alhamdulillah (Thanks Allah) Diyana got it. I mean she got the job in PETRONAS!

Yesterday she called..."Aboh, kakak dah dapat kerja kat PETRONAS."

She was so excited. She told her mom not to tell me first. She would tell me personally. She would call even she knew that I was in a meeting!

For that she would fast for three days consecutively. Her mom will also fast for one day.

That is Diyana, our eldest, so determined and she would try her best to get what she want.

She will give her present employer one month notice as soon as she gets back from Kota Kinabalu.

She will start work in PETRONAS most probably on 1 December.

Join us to pray for her success.